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Late as usual

....it's a go!!!

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The north side of the island

The north side of the island

I flew to Honolulu on Oct 20 to visit with Tom and Gina. I applied for sleep lab jobs and interviewed. Looks like everything is go!

I can not describe the feeling of Hawaii. It has an atmosphere that is exciting and serene. Makes no sense, I know, but the feel of the place is unusual. The clouds, with persistent rains in the mountains are a stark contrast to the sunshine on the beaches. The water, the water is incredible. As the sun traverses the sky the pale aqua of the shallows becomes a deep blue finally turning a dark turquoise before sunset. I'm hooked!

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

I made it a point to walk up to and engage as many strangers in conversation as possible. One can learn a lot about the attitude of a place with just a little conversation. I'm impressed! Everyone was extremely nice, polite and helpful. I met native Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Russians, Greeks, Koreans and, my favorite, a couple from Armenia. They have a small kiosk near the post office. When I ordered my chicken Gharsi khorovats, I mentioned enjoying Armenian food while stationed in England. The lady's eyes lit up, she starting talking a mile a minute. LOL! I couldn't understand a word she said, but left with warm hugs from she and her husband and a HUGE Gharsi khorovats absolutely stuffed to the gills with their delicious marinated chicken.

Shark's Cove

Shark's Cove

Tom and I took a trip to Shark's Cove on the North side of O'ahu for a bit of snorkeling. It was nice, the water bit chilly, the visibility only about 20 feet, but lots of beautiful tropical fish. I learned from that trip I definitely need to diet. Salt content in the Pacific is higher than the Gulf of Mexico so I was very buoyant. So much so, I could not free dive to the bottom in only 30 feet! We met a very neat lady from San Diego. Her companions left her alone in the cove, so she buddy dived with us; too dangerous to be alone there. Heidi is an electrical engineer with a special interest in medical devices. Now what are the chances of two seasoned medical entrepreneurs, with a number of product ideas, meeting a medical device engineer while snorkeling in Hawaii?

Heidi Hofschulz

Heidi Hofschulz

So here I go; selling everything I own and starting from scratch. This is the 5th time I have started from basically nothing, but the only time it was a voluntary act.

Snorkeling at Shark's Cove

Snorkeling at Shark's Cove

I have my one way flight booked for Dec 8th. I planned to leave on the 1st, but big sister Gale grounded me. Our family Christmas party is the 6th. I hate to go because I'm too emotional. Yet, it is not fair to just leave. I love all my family and will certainly not miss them because 3/4 of them already have plans to visit. Ha!

I promise to be more faithful with this blog; making my posts in a more timely fashion.


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Our site will be down 2 hours for upgrades....

...never trust the IT guy!

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The Queen's website has been down for nearly 2 weeks! I finally got into the system and applied only to have the system lose my application.

So, I wrote a note to the HR department asking for conformation that my application and resume was received. Of course it wasn't, I knew that already. HR wrote back and requested I send the info directly to one of their personnel. Success!

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

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Still working on it....

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I had a heart to heart with my broker today. He asked me to vacate my desk so he could rent it out to an insurance agent. He has to or he will be forced to close his office. He was apologetic about it, but reality is, he had no choice.

I'm trying to look at this a positive. The market is so depressed, values so low that there is little activity for any of the 1,800 Realtors in the local area. There too many Realtors for too few deals. I'll keep my license with him, I keep my listings, but no more days sitting bored out of my mind in that office. Besides, working day and night is taking a toll. I'm exhausted, literally.

Heard from T. Things are unsettled on his end. This may or may not be good. If it works the way I hope, it could be an in for me. Hospital politics! Grrr! Sent resumes to all the accredited labs on the island; may need to look at the other islands as well. I'll have seven days to make calls and give interviews. Even if this doesn't work out, I will still be leaving the area. I have too.

Took the self assessment test on the NBRC website. Wow! Things have changed a lot in last 5 years. It has been nearly 9 years since I was involved in patient testing, even the nomenclature has changed, scoring criterion, everything is different. I did fairly well on the practice test. I nearly passed it, which is pretty damn good considering.

Have to research Sandman, the system used at The Queens. I have no experience with it at all. I know Alice inside out. Thankful they don't use Grass. I hated that beast!

Got letters of recommendation from Dr. Pappolla and from Glenn. Mike was so effusive I nearly teared up when I read his letter. He was the best of the best to work with. We never had a piece of paper between us; worked on hand shake for 3 years. Honored his word to the letter, never a quibble. That is unusual these days. We did a good service for less hassle than the hospital based labs and kept a good flow of patients and revenue. Best deal I ever had. Damn Katrina.

Ok, back to the research and studying. I have a knowledge gap to fill.


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One Particular Harbor

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But there's this one particular harbor
So far but yet so near
Where I see the days as they fade away
Finally disappear…

I have sailed from this one particular harbor countless times, often begging a tow beyond the jetty, as its mouth is against the prevailing winds. Being true to a love for the sea and true to all I know; most of which I taught myself, I prefer a craft without motor. Just the wind the sea and me. No roaring din or choking blue exhaust, no worries for fuel or oil, attuned to the breeze, my whole body a sensor. One can learn to judge wind, in its ebbs and gusts by the very hairs on one’s back, the cyclic waxing and waning of speed and direction is etched on the water for all too see. If one knows how.

They were voyages of fun, not discovery, yet nature can dish out a grand adventure when least expected. Such is the sea; the only constant is change; an ever restless journey with no destination. Horn Island was a pleasant beat to the southeast; roughly ten miles in a straight line, more like thirty in a twenty foot daysailer. Often with a friend, sometimes with an overbearing boss to whom I felt more captive than kin, we set out for those beaches at the Horse Shoe. It was a popular anchorage, offering no shelter, but deep water close in to shore. The stiff land breezes during the night kept the biting bugs in the marshes.

We’d pitch a tent in the shadow of a huge dune, sugar sand, festooned with prickle pear, rosemary and pines. Start a crackling fire of drift wood, smoke fresh caught mullet, eat, drink and swap lies. Then that damn boom box; here is where nature boy and city boy parted company. Why bring a damn radio to paradise? I believe it was our third trip when I accidentally dropped it over board. Being an honest sort, I bought him another, but he never brought it along on future trips. Thirty five bucks well spent.

If I could convey the feeling of a night sail in the moonlight, the majesty of the starts, the lightning flashes of fishes darting through the phosphorescence, air so sweet it intoxicates, I’d be the greatest author in history; greater than Shakespeare, Melville or Poe. They could not impart those images, nor can I. Those times are a part of me; a deeply seated joy I will never relinquish.

Moby Dick, Walter Anderson called it; I stood in his shoes, atop a huge dune along a narrow portion of the island. I’ve sat there lost, happily, as the sun dipped below the horizon painting the western sky with oranges, pinks, mauves and blues. The Mississippi Sound grew dark; turning to the east, the moon; full and bright would climb out of the Gulf of Mexico. Those sparkling waters shimmered, like hammered copper, cotton ball clouds scooted overhead, rushed along, intoxicated with that sweet air.

I am about to set sail again, this time not to return. Opportunity is knocking; I am answering. Despite all I love of this special place, these special people, this unique community; I feel the need to move on.

Nothing is certain, there is much to do and many bridges to cross, but I have decided.

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The Phoenix

That's me....

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Geez! How in hell does one reconstruct a 25 year career when all one's documents are ashes, one's friends and business associates are scattered to the four winds?


Ringy dingy....Human Resources...

Yes ma'am, I worked at Humana in New Orleans East from 1998 until.....

I'm sorry, we sold that facility in 2002...

Yes, ma'am, but you see....

We have no records from that period. We purged all our files when we divested of that property....

Hang up

Pull hair

Bang head on desk

Ringy dingy....Human Resources...

Yes ma'am, I worked at Gulf Coast Medical Center from 1983 until.....


It's in Biloxi.....

We divested of that property in 1987....

Repeat.....Repeat.....Ochsner Foundation , American Nursing, Greenery....

The University of South Alabama and the University of Alabama came through. At least they maintain records.

I wonder what's for supper?


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